Our Graphene Technology

Graphene is a one-atom thick, 2D layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. The material was first discovered in 2004 by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. In 2010, Geim and Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery and isolation of the material. Due to its properties, graphene provides limitless applications and enormous potential to disrupt many industries, including air purification.

Graphene oxide is an oxidized form of graphene with various functional groups on the surface. As well as graphene, graphene oxide is a single atomic layer two-dimensional nanomaterial. The additional chemical group on the surface gives graphene oxide its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties as supported by extensive academic research. These functional groups of the graphene oxide chemically react with the microbial membrane providing for the effective immobilization and efficient deactivation of the microbe. These properties make graphene oxide a very valuable material for air purification purposes.

Quality You Can Trust

Our main goal is to make people be sure about the air they breathe. Breathe+ was created by a team of experts that produced graphene materials since 2010, all of which are available on Graphene Supermarket, constantly researching and developing new ways to incorporate the revolutionary material into commercial applications.

All the processes of graphene oxide production and treatment of activated carbon with graphene is performed in our plant based in Long Island, New York. This process has been filed under the patent application to USPTO in 2021.

Extended Range of Protection

Conventionally, air purifiers use HEPA and activated carbon filters to remove the particulate matter from the air. HEPA filters target particles larger than 300 nm and activated carbon acts as a gas adsorbent removing odors and molecules like formaldehyde from the air. However, this leaves a blind zone for submicron bioaerosols since neither HEPA filters nor activated carbon target their respective size range. Our Advanced Breathe+ Graphene Technology aims to solve this problem.

Advantages of Breathe+ Pro

The Graphene Breath+ Pro replacement filter contains the activated carbon coated with graphene oxide manufactured according to proprietary technology of G6 Materials Corp. This material is designed to have an enhanced adsorption of the submicron particulate matter smaller than 300 nm and greater than or equal to 30 nm, a range where HEPA and activated carbon filters have limited efficacy. The hazardous pollutants in this range include metals1 and bioaerosols like viruses and bacteria.


Proven by Independent Lab Testing

According to Intertek lab results, Breathe+ Pro air purifier fitted with our advanced graphene filter technology removes 99.9% of tested viruses and bacteria* in just 30 minutes. 

*E.coli and φX174 are commonly used microorganisms used to test microbial reduction rates of air purification devices. These organisms are used in the AHAM AC-5 air purification standard created to address the removal and inactivation of airborne pathogens.

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To view Breathe+ Pro air purifier, download Intertek test reports below: